Easy to Use

Place only one type of fruit or vegetable in a bag. The produce must be whole and not wet. Close the bag by pushing together the seal strip at the top to lock out the air.





Scientifically Tested

Climacteric fruit and vegetables enter a ‘climacteric phase’ after harvest i.e. they continue to ripen.  During the ripening process the fruits emit ethylene along with an increased rate of respiration. *Tested according to EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011 and Article 3 of European Regulation No.1935/2004, U.S. 21 CFR F.D.A Regulation part 177.1520 Clause 3.1a., ASTM: D6954 and ANVISA Resolution No 105 of 19  May 1999.




SYM Fresh bags can be reused multiple times. Just rinse the used bag, let it dry and fill it again with new produce.






Both the bags and the packaging can be recycled (please follow recycling guidelines in your area).